"I've Met the Enemy:
Journey of an All American Sinner" 
by Stan Moody

"If you find yourself confused and sometimes even despondent over white evangelical commitment to reconciling the Kingdom of God with the American Dream of prosperity and success, this book is for you. There is great hope for your life through your relationship with God and with His people. You will recognize yourself in my experience, and when you do, you will share my hope."--Stan Moody
Read an excerpt here: http://www.columbiastreetproject.org/book-excerpts.php
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book support the Columbia Street Project. The Columbia Street Project  (CSP) is a faith-based, non-profit resource center for prisoners and military veterans reintegrating into society, offering a hand-up to those ready and willing to rise above their circumstances. Co-published with Columbia Street Press, an outreach of CSP. 
6 x 9, 220 pages, ISBN 978-1732931916 $19.95
STAN MOODY offers a disturbing insider’s view of white evangelical America through a frank and open disclosure of his own story. Beginning with a degree in Electrical Engineer-ing at age twenty-two, Moody pursued a career in business development and consulting. Graduating from seminary at age fifty-four, he completed twenty-five years of pulpit ministry in 2019. He served two terms in the Maine State Legislature and later as a chaplain at the maximum-security Maine State Prison. He is a prolific  writer and speaker and resides with his wife Barbara, in Manchester, ME.
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