Lobster Tales by Artist David Hurley

If you're looking for ways to bake or boil lobster, this book offers no recipes, and no apologies for not including any.  However, if you're looking for some deliciously funny myths and legends about everyone's favorite crustacean, this is the book to get. Inside you'll discover the Abominable Snow Lobster, prehistoric fur-covered lobsters, lobster satellites, and house-broken pet lobsters, among many others.

This Classic Maine Humor book has been in publication for over 25 years.

I've Met the Enemy by Stan Moody

"If you find yourself confused and sometimes even despondent over white evangelical commitment to reconciling the Kingdom of God with the American Dream of prosperity and success, this book is for you. There is great hope for your life through your relationship with God and with His people. You will recognize yourself in my experience, and when you do, you will share my hope."--Stan Moody

Rev. Dr. Stan Moody is pastor emeritus of the Columbia Street Baptist Church and is currently the Executive Director of The Columbia Street Project in Bangor, ME. 

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