River-Lations Revisited: More Inspirational Stories and Photos from the Thousand Islands

Patty Mondore’s popular weekly River-Lations columns in the "Thousand Islands Sun Vacationer" have been compiled into book form.  Patty shares her adventures in her kayak, her encounters with wildlife and not-so-wildlife, nature facts, and other river history and trivia. Each chapter is accompanied by one of Patty’s river photos.
"In each of my River-Lations I share a story, piece of history, local event, wildlife encounter or other river adventure followed by a short devotional that includes a Scripture verse or two to tie them all together. Some might make you laugh. Others might fill you with wonder and awe. But I hope that each of them will leave you with a better awareness of the love that inspired God to create such a marvelous place . . . and you. "

ISBN 978-0998319261, 6 x 9, 154 pages, $14.95

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