From Abused Kid, to Opera Singer,
The story of Tillie Ramos
Bald-Headed Angel

During childhood, Tillie Ramos (1922-2005) was teased and bullied for being bald, but she was gifted with a beautiful singing voice. She had a difficult youth until she was saved by Jesus mid-life, became a recording artist, sang with an opera company, and ministered to the hurting.
Yes! Bald-Headed Angel is a book that is both shocking and beautiful, for it deals honestly and candidly with the terrible and rewarding experiences of life and the realities of human suffering and degradation, as well as God’s overwhelming grace and benevolence. It is a story of tears and laughter, despair and hope, hate and love, betrayal and loyalty, rejection and acceptance, revenge and forgiveness, loneliness and friendship, indifference and compassion, pain and divine healing of a soul set free from the chains of sin by the indwelling and miraculous love and grace of Jesus Christ—in short, the story of a tragedy and triumph of Tillie Ramos. It is a story that tells of the certainty of God’s love and his transforming power that must be told if for no other reason, to draw the reader, and the author intended, into a closer and more meaningful relationship with a living God Who forgives entirely and Who loves without reservation.”
Derek de Cambra (1928–2009)   
Theater Director for the sacred opera "I Am The Way'

A Note from A Son

I believe you will enjoy this testimony of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, SALVATION, GRACE, and MERCY that my mother will share with you, and you will receive the salvation and healing you need in your heart to help you get to the place where you can trust the Father of all wisdom and direction. And to walk out your life, and to be the person God the Father created you to be and be at peace with yourself. You may want to look over these verses in the Bible. These verses say a lot with just a few words. Romans 5: 1- 5. Enjoy and be blessed.
Jim Ramos

Excerpt: Chapter 1

It was told to me later, that at the moment of my birth, my father, God bless his memory, didn’t want a fifth child. He stood at the foot of my mother’s bed and cursed as I was introduced into the world. I never knew that for many, many years. I always wondered why I couldn’t feel close to him. As the years went by the reasons for this came to light. I think a person’s life really starts in the cradle, maybe in the womb. By the time I was two and a half, I had had scarlet fever and chickenpox; and by the time I was three, I was losing my hair in large spots. My Uncle John lived with us at the time and he and my father were hitting the bottle heavily. In their drunkenness, they decided to shave my head. They figured that since shaving their faces made their beards thicker, it would do the same for my hair. They put me on a high stool and used their razors on my head. The shearing of my head left me with a terrible feeling toward the both of them. Shaving my head had the opposite effect from the one that my father and my uncle John had drunkenly supposed. Instead of making my hair grow in thicker, shaving my head left me permanently and completely bald. Now, although I was just a child, something happened to me in connection with my father that no one could understand, no one. I developed a deep-seated feeling of resentment of him because I felt very rejected in the years that followed, because I looked so different. My family never understood this because most of them didn’t even know that I remembered the incident. Mom knew it; some years later when referring to it in our talks during the years she was laid up, she was shocked when she found out that I had realized exactly what had happened. I was describing it to a “T”, and it wasn’t a dream. I am telling you these things only to have you understand the things that went on in my mind, particularly the fact that I looked so different from everyone else.
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