From Abused Kid, to Opera Singer,
The story of Tillie Ramos
Bald-Headed Angel

During childhood, Tillie Ramos (1922-2005) was teased and bullied for being bald, but she was gifted with a beautiful singing voice. She had a difficult youth until she was saved by Jesus mid-life, became a recording artist, sang with an opera company, and ministered to the hurting.

Lobster Tales by Artist David Hurley

If you're looking for ways to bake or boil lobster, this book offers no recipes, and no apologies for not including any.  However, if you're looking for some deliciously funny myths and legends about everyone's favorite crustacean, this is the book to get. Inside you'll discover the Abominable Snow Lobster, prehistoric fur-covered lobsters, lobster satellites, and house-broken pet lobsters, among many others.

This Classic Maine Humor book has been in publication for over 25 years.

Wings Over the Wall by Matt Burden

Come embark on a pilgrimage through the story of Jesus, with the Gospel sites serving as the backdrop for an adventure that plunges deep into the love of God. Filled with the glories of nature, insights from Scripture, and the tales of saints long gone, this account of one pilgrim’s journey opens the door for all to come and walk the ancient paths, side by side with the Savior.

Matthew Burden (MDiv, MA, PhD candidate) is the pastor of a church in eastern Maine, where he lives with his wife and three children. He is the author of several novels and works of poetry, including the fantasy-adventure series The Hidden Kings Trilogy. On the rare occasions when he’s not investing in family, church, or writing, you can find him tromping through the woods, looking for birds.


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