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Kirkus Names "Wings over the Wall " by Matthew Burden
one of the Best Indie Books of 2022!

"A spiritual memoir of memorable sincerity . . . an eloquent and often moving Christian meditation."

-- Kirkus Reviews

(*Starred Review)

An invitation to a journey. . . 

Wings over the Wall: Faith, Birding, and Walking with Jesus in the Holy Land

Come embark on a pilgrimage through the story of Jesus, with the Gospel sites serving as the backdrop for an adventure that plunges deep into the love of God. Filled with the glories of nature, insights from Scripture, and the tales of saints long gone, this account of one pilgrim’s journey opens the door for all to come and walk the ancient paths, side by side with the Savior.
Making pilgrimage is a spiritual practice, it is about more than learning, seeing, or visiting. It’s about taking your whole self, body and soul, and committing to a pathway of bearing witness to what God has done, and then opening yourself up to being transformed anew by his grace.
The author hopes this book will inspire readers to learn more, perhaps to go and see for themselves, and to fill out his incomplete picture with an experience of Israel that is fuller and richer in the end.
Matthew's lyrical writing style will grab your attention as he vividly describes the places, the birds he saw, and his thoughts and emotions while visiting the Holy Land. 

New Release! Bald-Headed Angel by Tillie Ramos. 


From Abused Kid, to Opera Singer,
The story of Tillie Ramos
Bald-Headed Angel

During childhood, Tillie Ramos (1922-2005) was teased and bullied for being bald, but she was gifted with a beautiful singing voice. She had a difficult youth until she was saved by Jesus mid-life, became a recording artist, sang with an opera company, and ministered to the hurting.
Yes! Bald-Headed Angel is a book that is both shocking and beautiful, for it deals honestly and candidly with the terrible and rewarding experiences of life and the realities of human suffering and degradation, as well as God’s overwhelming grace and benevolence. It is a story of tears and laughter, despair and hope, hate and love, betrayal and loyalty, rejection and acceptance, revenge and forgiveness, loneliness and friendship, indifference and compassion, pain and divine healing of a soul set free from the chains of sin by the indwelling and miraculous love and grace of Jesus Christ—in short, the story of a tragedy and triumph of Tillie Ramos. It is a story that tells of the certainty of God’s love and his transforming power that must be told if for no other reason, to draw the reader, and the author intended, into a closer and more meaningful relationship with a living God Who forgives entirely and Who loves without reservation.”
Derek de Cambra (1928–2009)   
Theater Director for the sacred opera "I Am The Way'
Tillie's honest and readable writing style will tug at your heartstrings as she describes the teasing and abuse she received all because of her baldness (she was 3-years old when she became bald). She eventually accepted her baldness and began a singing career as a bar/lounge singer and then became an opera singer. She was physically healed and saved by Jesus Christ while watching a famous TV evangelist. She made a full-length record which we are trying to make available. If we mange to do this, we will an annoucement on this page. 

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