The Family Tree: Finding Beauty in the Mess
By Susie Stephens

What valuable lessons can you learn from a stray dog?

What do you do when the piano you just purchased vaults over the sides of the truck and somersaults noisily into the street right in front of the seller’s house? How do you handle the news that you and your entire family are being unfairly kicked out of the bowling alley? God is present in every chapter of our lives waiting to grow our witness and draw us closer to Him! These stories focus on three generations of the same family, so the reader becomes more involved with the recurring cast of characters. Even more importantly, the stories focus on God’s unconditional love for His children. The anecdotes combine wisdom, humbling experiences, victory over adversity, and hilarious adventures into one volume that focuses on meaningful relationships and identifying God appointments. Susie says, “Luckily, I serve a God of mercy and forgiveness Who picks me up, dusts me off, and sends me right back out in public, so I can try and do better tomorrow! (He’s much braver than I am…) I am so grateful for His patience and guidance!”
The Family Tree features 52 weeks of devotionals that begin with relevant scriptures and contain at least two additional scriptures as the life lesson unfolds. Susie’s simple, conversational style is punctuated with funny reminiscences and thought-provoking observations. This book is perfect for home groups, families, book clubs, and Sunday School classes.
Trim 6 x 9, 288 pages
Hardcover $26.95
Paperback $16.95
Publication Date 2/1/2021
Hardcover ISBN 978-1-7329319-3-0
Paperback ISBN 978-1-7329319-4-7

Susie Stephens, Lebanon, TN, is a retired high school English teacher and college professor who taught writing for years and published one previous book. She co-wrote several #1 and #2 songs in the Country Christian genre and performs regularly with a band called “Debi and the DooWops.” She has taught Sunday School all of her adult life, moderates Bible Studies, and has held small weekly Bible groups for couples in her home. She and her husband Tim raised their two children, Heather and Ryan, on a small farm outside of Nashville.
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